Traffic disruption can be boring…directional boring that is.

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Directional boring involves minimal impact and is an effective way to install underground pipe in the most cost and time efficient way. Directional boring offers durability and fast installation with low costs and disruptions to your space. It can be done in a variety of locations and leads to less overall soil contamination and generally fewer permit issues. Directional boring is a method of pipe and cable installation that involves minimal impact in a somewhat shallow radius. If trenching and excavating are not feasible for your space, directional boring is the best option. Directional boring works for many different soil conditions and settings. Roads, river crossings, and landscapes are all spaces that can use directional boring. Directional boring is ideal for high traffic and sensitive areas because it is minimally disruptive. The process of directional boring comes in three phases. To start, a pilot hole is drilled. Next, the bore made for the pilot hole is made bigger in preparation for pipeline installation. And finally, the pipeline is moved into the hole, creating pipe segments that are underground but exposed at certain points.

Directional boring can be used for a diverse range of projects ranging from power cable conduits, water lines, product pipelines, sewer lines, and more.

Directional boring involves a plethora of different equipment, based on the size and location of the project. For large projects, they can require pumps, hoses, excavators, and reclaimer. To help assess your needs, give us a call at Quality Directional Boring. Together, we can find the right equipment and plan of action for you.

Burying telephone, cable and electric wiring under roads and parking lots

Water and sewer line needs

Routing security and communications wires to remote gates

Irrigation systems for commercial or residential landscapes

Geothermal heating and cooling systems

Installing sump pump discharge pipes to the curb

Installation of streetlights or accent lighting